I am a young Photographer from Cape Cod/Boston, Ma. armed with a Fulbright Scholarship and a Canon 5D Mark II. For 10 months I will living in Arusha, Tanzania working with various research projects and NGO's to make a documentary on human/wildlife conflict.


Goodbye Tanzania...for now!

Well, 10 months has flown by... I leave Tanzania the day after tomorrow!!  Of course I am very excited to see my family, friends & boyfriend, but I am very sad to be leaving such a beautiful place just after I have become used to calling it home! It's the first time I have lived abroad in my life.

view from Haria Hotel rooftop, Moshi
 Its very strange to relocate, adjust, make friends, establish relationships and then leave!? It's hard to leave when I have no guarantee of when I will be coming back... But my time here has been inspirational to say the least! To have 10 months of time dedicated to photography, video, crafting, exploring, sewing, cooking, learning and living is quite a luxury which I will forever be grateful for.
painting in the Hindu Crematorium, Moshi

The past weeks I have been finishing up shooting for the Shanga Shangaa Ltd. documentary, visiting Moshi on the weekends, packing and giving things away.. (to make room for more fabric!)  Jaala is all set with her puppy passport and crate training, I just have to get her through the airport!
Jaala when she was just 6 or 7 weeks old!
The Fulbright has granted me a once in a lifetime opportunity and hopefully encouraged my professional career. Now the hunt begins for a job that will hopefully lead to a full time career in photography or video (*ahem Nat.Geo)... or possibly back to school for another degree?? (gulp!)
waterfalls near Moshi
 For now, I am looking forward to seeing my family, organizing THOUSANDS of photos and trying to recap and share this experience over the course of the holidays! ♥

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